If computer languages were superheroes

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What if computer languages were superheroes in an alternate universe. How would they behave. How would they compare to our well known superheroes?

C would be like Batman. Nobody wants to call him to save them in case of an emergency. But everybody thinks he can do anything.

C++ is like The Hulk. Powerful as hell. Can actually do anything. God save you if something goes wrong 

JavaScript would be everyone's favorite. Like the Iron Man. It has a good part with armor and lots of weapons. But Use it long enough and bad part start to show up. Battery dies and often backfires.

Java is like Green Arrow. Old School Method. Lots of tricks up its sleeves. Requires setup and is slow. But gets the job done.

C# is Hawkeye. Nobody's favorite. Obligatory Green Arrow ripoff that just kinda has to be there. Used only cause its backed by a big organization.

Shell Script is like Captain America. Quick, fast and always ready for action. Can't do without it.

Python is SuperMan! It has a super power of everything. Just import and voila! its done!

sed and awk are Fast and clumsy. Just like Flash. If used properly they can be very beneficial. However, not everyone can handle them.

Latex would be Black Widow. Its good to have and use. Its there to just look good. Doesn't really serve any purpose.

BrainFuck! This Bad-ass is not a superhero. Its a super villain. Nobody really understands it. It just wants to watch the world burn in horror, slowly and painfully! 

Groovy, 'nuff Said!

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